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Oxford Young Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

Spring Break, 24-30 March 2024 | Mansfield College, Oxford, England

Enrollment is open! Application deadline extended to March 1, 2024.

The Program - for all majors, undergraduate, graduate, and alumni

The Oxford Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Program will focus on four key areas. Firstly, how Geopolitical decisions are shaping the global economic landscape. There will have sessions on Slowbalization, Brexit, Russia’s war with Ukraine and how changes to the economic and digital landscape of China will influence World trade. Secondly, how technology is shaping the way in which we work, we will explore cutting-edge new technologies such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies. We will further explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can enhance organizational productivity. Thirdly, how we work? The program will examine new trends in the patterns of working such as location independence, the great resignation, how Covid impacted on our perception of work and work life balance. Finally, corporate sustainability; what Gen Y and Z expect from organizations in terms of their Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG strategies and how organizations are responding.

By attending this program, you will develop entrepreneurial awareness, intellectual creativity, and leadership capabilities which can be applied to all industries, and you will have a more comprehensive understanding of how Geopolitical events which are shaping the World in which we live. Upon concluding the program, you will earn a certificate of completion from Mansfield College, one of the 39 colleges of the University of Oxford.

The History: In 2010, the UCR School of Business launched the ‘UCR at Oxford’ program during spring break. This is UCR’s 12th Program so far: Hundreds of UCR students have spent their spring breaks in residency at Oxford, participating in customized lectures for our UCR cohort and visiting important cultural and corporate sites, including Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill), BMW's Mini Cooper manufacturing plant, the automotive and aerospace manufacturer Prodrive, as well as various signature landmarks.

Where: Held at Mansfield College, the University of Oxford.

Fast Fact 1: Oxford is the oldest English-speaking University in the World dating from the 12th Century. 30 British Prime Ministers have been educated at Oxford including the four most recent ones. Hence Oxford has been educating leaders for centuries.

Fast Fact 2: Apart from consistently being voted the best University in the UK, CEO Magazine also ranks Oxford as the UK’s second most entrepreneurial University with 18% of graduates that studied business at Oxford going on to start their own businesses.

Fast Fact 3: 1,000 Minis are produced each day. The Oxford factory using more than 1,000 robots. Oxford is the home of BMW’s electric Mini. Smart people, smart technology making environmentally sustainable products.


“I think this was an excellent experience and a wonderfully run program”.

“A life-changing experience. I would do it again”.

“The Oxford program was fantastic and exceeded my expectations”.

“I highly recommend it”.

“Excellent program. Good caliber of speakers. Right balance of academics and appropriate site visits”.

“The learning modules were well designed and complemented by the quality and diversity of lecturers at Oxford which in my view was pivotal in facilitating excellent learning outcomes."


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UCR Oxford Global Program


For More Information on the Program and to Join:

Please contact Dr. Sean Jasso

Prof. Sean Jasso at Mansfield College


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