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 ¡Un viaje a Cuba que nunca olvidarás!

Dates forthcoming, please stay tuned.

Open to the entire UCR community

This special seminar is intended to give students the opportunity to look inside the black box: to study Cuba’s current economic and political system, see changes first-hand, and to identify opportunities for growth and development.

Cuba-U.S. relations have been complex: sometimes intimate, and sometimes fraught, for more than a century.  With the end of more than a half-century of estrangement and hostility, these two very different nations are getting to know each other once again. They have much to learn, and to unlearn. This special travel seminar will give UCR students, friends and family an unparalleled opportunity to see this relationship in transition, and to see changes on the ground in Cuba. While we will spend some time on the past, and speculate some on the future, our main focus will be on the present—the political, social, and economic situation in Cuba, and the current state of Cuba-U.S. relations. Lectures, meetings, directed reading and conversation will fill the students’ days. The week will be intense, and students should expect compressed and concentrated learning.  

Man with cigar in Cuba

For decades, it was almost impossible for Americans to visit Cuba. The country has been a “black box” to most Americans for over half a century; that is, since Fidel Castro came to power in 1959 and the US and Cuba severed relations in 1962. Located only 90 miles from Florida, Cuba has been viewed with fear, hostility, and curiosity. Change finally began albeit slowly when President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro worked to reestablish diplomatic relations.  Be a witness to history. Meet private entrepreneurs, academics, local leaders, and artists. See community neighborhood centers, medical centers, grassroots projects, and sustainable farming initiatives. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and other culturally significant places.

Let's get Cuba on your resume. ¡Vamos pa' Cuba!


For more information on the program and to join:

Please contact Dr. Sean Jasso

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