Future Business Leaders Look Forward

As Lynette Lee ’22 prepares to graduate, she provides guidance to aspiring professionals
By Elias Almarez-Herrera ’23 |

Becoming a business leader takes discipline and determination. The Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda chapter (FBLA-PBL) aims to cultivate a space for members to familiarize themselves with modern business practices that will position them for success.

FBLA-PBL President Lynette Lee ’22 takes pride in the time and effort she has invested in the UCR chapter. What she finds most rewarding is the opportunity to influence new cohorts of young entrepreneurs. She relates deeply to the potential—and courage—rooted in each student.

“When I first became an FBLA general member, I remember being overwhelmed,” she says. “I cried after my first meeting. We had to sit with established members in a one-on-one interview format. I wondered if business was the right path for me.”

Learning how to interact with passionate business leaders is a quality often emphasized by those who have developed the skills to do so. Lee explains the importance of understanding your own leadership style in order to maximize productivity.

“I initially chose business because of my parents’ experience in the field,” she says. “I used to think ‘I don’t have the right personality for business,’ but I stuck with it. Immersing myself in accounting has taught me more about myself. I am introverted, I tend to nitpick about my workspace, but I love what I do and the people I work with.”

Having had the chance to speak publicly to a room full of FBLA members, Lee explains the shift in self-assurance that took place within her. While she reminisces on the risks she took to step beyond her comfort zone, the memories she holds closest to her are the small group gatherings and etiquette workshops she led for new members.

“I am inspired to be part of the movement toward representing women in leadership positions,” she says. “It’s always great to work with women who have similar goals as you. It makes you strive to be at their level.”